Drake Passage back to Ushuaia (19-21 Dec)

I spent much of 19 December in bed asleep with a migraine so there’s not a lot to say about it. By all accounts, I didn’t miss much as many participants were seasick (the swell this time was around 3 metres – not quite the 12 m of the week before we’d departed but definitely […]

Port Lockroy (18 Dec)

One of the possible landings on the trip had been at the British Rothera base. However, the sea ice had prevented us from going below the Antarctic circle so we couldn’t get there. All was not lost however, as we were still able to visit Port Lockroy, another British outpost, and one which provided us with […]

Curtiss Bay (14 Dec)

Today was a long day of on-board training with the Ushuaia anchored in amongst the icebergs of Curtiss Bay. Quite a few people were still feeling poorly with the dreaded plague that had been going around too. For some of the day it was a bit foggy with a sprinkle of snow falling. By the […]